Catch Those Slackers With an Outdoor Security Camera

January 31, 2023 3 mins to read

Shop owners need to know who goes in and out of their shops’ front and back entrances. They need to monitor how many customers dropped in and they want to flush out employees sneaking elsewhere during their shifts. Without an outdoor security camera, the task would be impossible and expensive.

Watch Those Doors

When you own or manage a store, café or restaurant, you have to keep count of customer volume during shop hours. This helps management keep tabs of business selling trends. The number of customers entering and leaving the shop is caught by the outdoor security camera and the camera works non-stop. In addition, you need to get a good view of the plate numbers of the customers’ cars just in case.

On the flip-side, these outdoor cameras also catch employees exiting furtively from the back doors. When management smells a rat, that silent outdoor security camera can get the goods on those slackers during the graveyard shift. There is no use paying good money to unproductive personnel who don’t do their jobs well.

If you don’t have any inkling who are getting in and out of your store, then you’ll never get the right strategy to improve business and you’ll never know which employee is giving you a ride. Be vigilant and let that outdoor security camera watch those doors. If you need more outdoor security cameras, install them real fast before a nuisance becomes a sticky problem.

Catching Slackers and Smart Alecks

It takes some time before managers catch up with slackers leaving their posts during their shifts, especially the midnight shift. Well, people being people, will have some reasons to leave their shifts without management approval. When nobody is looking, they’ll slink down the hallway and slip through the exit and return when it’s time for the next shift to take over.

But if they know that the outdoor security camera angled at the doorway is backed up with hidden cameras, they’ll stay put. With these cameras manning all doors, there’s no need to hire a security person to guard all exits and entry ways. The surveillance camera will do amazingly if it’s equipped with the latest face recognition software. This explains why it’s cheaper to get the camera instead of reinforcing your security personnel with a new hire.

A motion-triggered covert outdoor security camera can catch those slackers. With solid proof of his misdeeds, you can fire the erring personnel or threaten him with a layoff notice if he continues his foul habits. There and then, you’ll be on top of the situation and save your business money.

The camera can also uncover dirty inside jobs. Some smart people don’t record all stocks delivered by suppliers. The unrecorded supplies are spirited away from the premises by cohorts. If the practice continues without your knowledge, you will see red sooner than you expected.

In-House Infrared Sleuths

Infrared cameras can work in low lighting. If those smart alecks think the hallway is too dark and those street lamps are just as useless, they are wrong. The surveillance camera designed for outdoor use will be able to catch them, red-handed.

If the outdoor security camera for your office works brilliantly, think how well it can protect your family and home from vandals and thieves. Need more be said?