Hidden Spy Alarm Clock Camera With True Infrared IR Night Vision

August 8, 2023 2 mins to read

Hidden nanny spy cameras are perfect additions to any home or business. These cameras provide the ability to record audio and video from a hidden camera onto a built-in or removable SD card. These cameras provide the ability to truly know what happens when you are not around, and can be used for watching employees, maid, nanny, babysitter or children. The one thing in common with most spy cams, is that they usually do not do very well in low light conditions. This is because of the tiny pinhole lens that is hidden in the spy camera.

Pinhole lenses allow less light to get through, limiting the picture that can be achieved by these devices in comparison to standard security cameras with larger lenses. Therefore, traditionally spy cams have been able to deliver decent picture quality during the daytime, but have provided limited night vision capabilities as light levels drop. However, in the case of some newer alarm clock hidden spy cameras like the ALC-DVR32NV infrared IR night vision, this problem has been taken care of with invisible 950 nm IR LEDs that will provide infrared night vision so that the spy camera can see even in pitch black conditions. Unlike the more common 850 nm IR LEDs, the 950 nm range LEDs do not glow red, maintaining the covert nature of these cameras.

With this new breed of hidden spy cams, home and business owners can finally provide audio and video coverage of their home even when the lights are out completely. This expands the capabilities of these cameras to provide coverage of offices after hours, bedrooms to protect children or other areas where there is limited lighting. These cameras can now be concealed and become a completely self-contained home or business security camera system that allows for recording and can be used to monitor and record what happens in any home or business.