Cctv Camera in Da Nang, Security Camera in Da Nang, Vietnam

April 27, 2022 3 mins to read

We is a whole sale security camera company distributing: HD CCTV, HD security cameras, CCTV distribution to home surveillance systems. We offer a wide selection of high quality audio and video surveillance products

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CTV is becoming more and more prevalent in our daily life, we see it everywhere. However not all CCTV systems are the same. It all starts with ensuring your systems meets the outcomes expected of it, and ensuring your expectation are met, or set, to what a systems is capable of producing.In today’s fast moving world of technology its important that the correct technology is applied in all areas of business and CCTV is no exception. Many variants of IP Based solutions are available on the market today so it is critical for you that your integrator provides the correct advice.

What is IP CCTV?

IP based cameras are the future. They work by turning images and audio into data then transmitting this data over a network or Internet connection. The key benefits of this over analogue CCTV systems are:

Greater Flexibility

IP cameras can be installed on to existing Local Area Networks (LAN) Wide Area Networks (WAN) or be transmitted via the internet and/or using wireless technology. The images can then be managed for recording, storage & viewing almost anywhere within a network

Higher Quality Images

Whilst IP CCTV has been available for around 10 years, it is only in the last few years that the technology has matured, leading to the developments in Megapixel and High Definition (HD) technology. Take a look at some of our examples and see for yourself.

Services Provider:

CCTV Consultancy, including outcomes driven design and implementation based upon your organisation expectations. Our CCTV also incorporates an 9 point process to ensure a success project, read more here:

  • Independently security consultancy, by a leading security expert for large complex systems deployment.
  • Installation of leading CCTV systems.
  • Multiple brand supported.
  • Monitor anytime, anywhere…
  • Supply of integrated CCTV systems with audio visual integration.
  • Independent classroom training services to your organisation staff, to ensure they understand CCTV functional and limitations.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of existing or new CCTV systems.
  • Designs tools that provide detailed outlines of your systems deployment.
  • Easy replacement and scaling.

Was founded at the end of 2010, we is growing steadfastly on its way to build up the image of a young and aggressive company in Vietnam ICT market. The company was established when the founders had realized that there must.

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