CCTV Cameras in Gujarat May Bring Crime Rate Down

July 8, 2022 4 mins to read

Gujarat is a safe state. The crime rate in Gujarat is low as compared to other states in India. According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report, Ahmedabad has the least crime rate among all Tier-I and Tier-II cities of India. The credit goes to the security measures employed by the state government. However, this achievement is like reaching the clouds when you aim for the moon. The state is trying hard to reduce its crime-rate further.

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The use of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) may give a push to this effort. CCTV cameras help in preventing crime as they help in detecting crime! CCTV surveillance cameras are used in many fields in Gujarat today. Their use in various sectors and their role in deterring crime in those sectors can be summarized below:

* In shopping malls: CCTVs are used in almost all the shopping malls in Gujarat. Surveillance cameras are used to keep shop-lifting in check. The few employees, hired by shop owners, may not be able to keep a watch on the large number of people coming and going! Shop-lifting is possible in such circumstances. A CCTV camera will enable a single employee to monitor many people from a corner of the shopping mall. Even if the thief escapes the first time, his actions will be recorded in the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Having a picture of the thief may help the police to catch him and retrieve the stolen goods.

* In schools: Many leading schools in Gujarat are properly equipped with CCTV surveillance. Schools install security cameras to keep a track of unwelcome visitors and student actions. The school authorities find it easier to pay attention to violence against children, bullying and juvenile delinquency because of the CCTV cameras and DVRs.

* In office premises: CCTVs may also help in reducing employee theft. A security camera in the premises of a large office will create fear in the minds of the employee of being caught. They will refrain themselves from stealing company stationeries and loiter around. Potential burglars may be deterred from entering the office premises. The trend of using surveillance cameras in offices is picking up speed in Gujarat.

* In railway stations: Central government has announced the installation of more CCTV cameras in railway stations. The major railway stations is Gujarat may also witness this addition. Public places like a railway station are prone to terrorist attacks. If CCTV cameras are installed appropriately, any suspicious activity may be identified. Any future disaster may thus be thwarted.

* On road: CCTV cameras are the most effective in on-road crime detection. The security cameras may read the number plate of the passing car in a hit-and-run case. The sharp eyes of a CCTV camera may observe the actions of chain snatchers, pick-pocketers, eve-teasers and other anti-social elements, if installed on proper places. CCTV cameras are hardly visible on the roads in Gujarat. But they are as desirable on roads as in any other area.

There have been incidents where criminals were caught with the help of CCTV. A leading Gujarati news channel telecasted a theft in a factory in Ahmedabad, recorded by a CCTV camera. The police have the identity of the thieves because of the cameras installed in the factory. In another case, the Gujarat police claims to have photographs of two explosive-laden cars that were found abandoned in Ahmedabad and Surat. The photographs were captured by a CCTV at Pune toll tax. Though the identity of the drivers is not clear in the picture, the photograph is believed to be of help to the investigators. The cops see an underworld motive in the incident.

CCTV helps a single person to keep an eye on the entire area. They help in law enforcement. Gujarat government may succeed in bringing its already low crime-rate, further down, by encouraging the use of CCTV surveillance cameras and DVRs.