Different Types of Free Standing Digital Signage

July 30, 2019 3 mins to read

Should you have the floorspace, the best solution is a floor standing digital sign, these vary in size from 17″ and some include brochure storage with a maximum screen size of 60″, uncover what is available.

The first unit to look at is the Totem and this is a floor standing LCD poster in landscape orientation and uses a brand screen; below the LCD screen is the facility to accommodate brochures or documents that are pertinent to the item or service that is being advertised on the LCD advertising display. Usually the display screen is 17″ in size.

Other floor standing LCD advertising screens have the element to interactive with potential buyers, using a touch screen panel within the poster, as more and more concentrate is placed on engaging with the customer. Again storage is thought out be integrated slots for magazines to be stored, so customers can interact with the solution and then they are pointed to the correct product for their requirement after the consumer has worked through the program.

The solutions can cost as little as £500, but the end results are worthwhile, with less time having to train personnel to deal with a particular product, their time is best spent else where.

Each free standing LCD advertising screen has a frame that is built from high-grade steel with aluminium panels to add to the high quality of the unit, each screen is 6 mm thick tempered glass, the tv is of a high quality either LG or Samsung panel.

The media player can show the following formats: JPEG(JPG), MP3, AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, VOB, WVM and DIVX(5.0/6.0) however if Flash is used all that is needed is to download a flash converter and install it on the media player.

With an inbuilt atomic clock, allowing the user to set the time the display is running, so when the businesses offices are closed, the Digital poster is shut down, then the Digital poster re-boots 5 minutes before the offices officially open, this diminishes running costs, and also is very good for the environment.

Free standing LCD posters are no longer just for the wealthy, any group from the small hotelier, to the real estate company can use the digital poster to promote new letting, or properties that have just come on the market, then if the consumer is interested, they can take the relevant paperwork or documentation from the storage bins below the monitor to evaluate what is available.

With digital signage being in such a high demand, many firms who have not thought of a digital poster are seeing their customer and market share diminish as other organisations are fitting these are cornering the market. The pricing is not as high as thought, these can be obtained from as little as £499 and anyone can create eye-catching content with free tools online.

Ideal for hotels and trade shows, where these can be on stands so customers can see the full range of products a business offers, very little configuring is required, create the presentation or advert, drag-n-drop on to a memory card and plug the memory card into the slot and then control the presentation through the on display menu, that is in many languages.