Digital Poster Used At Leisure Parks

July 29, 2019 3 mins to read

Picture this, a futuristic LCD advertising display, promoting the hottest thrill ride, in full-blown High definition color and surround sound is the latest gadgets to appeal to the thrill seeking visitors.

These versatile displays can have custom designed software, specially for their position, to endorse and encourage customers to visit the ride and then spend further money on extra souvenirs, all the while improving the turnover of the theme park. Not only will these monitors draw in crowds because of their awesome content, created by industry experts, nevertheless improve the whole experience of a day out due to their ease of use. This can be in couple of ways, for example: featuring an engaging map to get from location A to B in another area of the recreational park. Just by means of a finger across the hooligan proof flat panel TV, a virtual pathway can be drawn highlighting the route. This is easily cleared for the next user. Further elements can be added, like advertising a distinctive restaurant brand and by developing an interactive ‘button’ the menu and special offers, or even a discount coupon can be supplied.

Kids and married couples alike will be all set to participate in using the engaging monitor, so you therefore have a captive audience, hungry for more content, so you can take advantage of this unique advertising opportunity. The cost of outlay for advertising media is nominal and the financial commitment of the external electronic digital monitor will be easily recouped within a few weeks, due to the extra sales as endorsed by the advertising content.

The key to a productive ad campaign is the innovative, colorful and powerful graphics, with clear and dramatic sounds to catch the customer’s attention. Very little will stop the LCD monitor from working, so down time (and loss of potential dollars) would be a minimum. Choices can always be put in place, like a power cut would automatically employ a connected generator, and any errors with the software can usually be corrected remotely, as the programs can be accessible via the web, so there is no need for an installer to book an appointment and visit the locale.

This is just one more way the world around us is growing and adapting to technological change. We see these LCD tablets everyday, mostly without realising it, yet using them daily. The way data is furnished has progressed and even leisure activities have to embrace it.