Fake CCTV Cameras – Make Them Work For You

September 8, 2021 3 mins to read

It is said that security is both a feeling and a reality. You feel secure because you have the criteria that make you feel safe – police presence, conspicuous CCTV cameras, friendly faces, and personal protection. On the other hand, you can still feel unsafe regardless of the reality of all these security measures precisely because security is closely tied with an individual’s psyche.

These being said, fake surveillance cameras can either work for or against you. It all depends on your approach and attitude. However, if you want dummy cameras to work for you, here is what you can do.

Sprinkle with the Real

You can set up fake CCTV cameras with real surveillance cameras. Most would-be thieves cannot tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake in surveillance cameras anyway, especially when the latter has the hallmarks of the former.

You will still have the benefit of video footages from the real cameras while deterring wrongdoers with the fake CCTV cameras. And all at considerably lesser costs!

Purchase Look-alikes to the Real Cameras

Most vendors of surveillance systems also sell fake CCTV cameras that are the exact replicas of the real merchandise. You cannot tell the difference between the two at first glance since it takes closer inspection or an expert eye to detect the differences.

When you use these fakes together with the genuine cameras, you get a seamless look that will fool the average thief. You can even attach an additional cable to the fake cameras to further push the illusion. (Real cameras have two cables while fake ones often only have one cable)

Mount in Visible Locations

You should install fake CCTV cameras in highly visible areas – gate entrances, doorways, store fronts and public areas, to name a few. Their presence can persuade would-be wrongdoers to commit their crimes elsewhere, hopefully outside your home and establishment.

If you were to put yourself in their shoes, you would not want to commit a crime in full view of surveillance cameras, too. Of course, you would not know either that you are dealing with fakes!

Regular Patrols and Vigilance

Of course, there is no substitute as yet for the human presence to deter crimes. You should regularly check locks, bolts and other security measures that keep doors locked and windows closed.

Your personal vigilance is still very much an important part of keeping yourself and your properties safe. Your surveillance cameras are just complementary equipment in your fight against theft, whether from outside forces or from inside traitors.

Admittedly, CCTV cameras only serve as deterrents against crime. Still, in combination with other safety measures, you can feel safe and be safe. The trick is in fooling others into thinking that you have the safety equipment to protect you from their malicious advances. The next step would be to actually acquire said safety equipment to make you safe in reality. Learning self-defense moves, arming yourself with mace and pepper spray, and avoiding hazardous situations will help you, too.

When it comes to your life and property, you should not skimp on feeling safe and being safe!