From Tabletop Displays To Skyline WindScape: Trade Show Booths Explained

July 30, 2019 3 mins to read

If you’re new to the trade show scene, you might be a bit baffled at all the lingo. What is a pop-up display, anyway? What’s the difference between an island exhibit and a portable booth? Can you use the same display for each expo or do you need to build a whole new one every time?

Relax! It’s not nearly as complicated as it seems. Once you know the basic types of booths that companies use at conventions, from portable exhibits to the new Skyline WindScape inflatable displays, you’ll be able to decide what will work best for your company.

Portable Trade Show Booths

As the name suggests, a portable trade show display can be packed up and transported wherever you need them to go. These are generally comprised of several elements, including tabletop displays, banner stands, and pop-ups. They can be broken down into several small cases for easy transport and usually can be assembled in less than 30 minutes and sometimes as little as 5 minutes, making them an ideal choice for a smaller show.

The construction of these exhibits varies. One popular option is a collapsible metal frame that is set up at the show and then covered with custom-made fabric. Another possibility is a banner stand setup, which rolls up like a window shade when not in use. Tabletop displays are often smaller versions of banner stands, made to be set on top of a folding table. You can complete your portable booth with literature racks and custom-made carpet tiles.

Island Exhibits

Once you’ve become a heavy hitter within your industry, it will be time to upgrade your portable display and invest in an island exhibit. These are larger displays that often look like miniature storefronts and can feature multiple rooms or kiosks, meaning that you can expand your sales staff and therefore your contacts at the show. Island exhibits are often rented rather than bought and can be endlessly customized. The smaller exhibits measure about 20’x20′ or 20’x30′, and when you really want to join the big leagues you can even build a display that is 30’x30′ or larger. If you’ve dreamed of multimedia presentations, interactive displays, and even private consultation rooms, those dreams can become reality with a well-designed island exhibit.

Skyline WindScape Inflatable Display

The newest player in the trade show booth game is an inflatable display from Skyline WindScape! Almost too good to be true, the new Skyline WindScape design consists mostly of heavy-duty fabric that becomes rigid when you fill it with air. Since the majority of the exhibit is air, it’s extremely lightweight and easy to transport. You might be picturing something like a children’s bouncy castle here, but don’t worry–inflatable exhibits look just as professional as traditional trade show booths and are nearly as customizable. If you’re after speed and convenience as well as excellent design, something like inflatable booths from Skyline WindScape could be your best bet.

For smaller or new companies who are just dipping their toes into the trade convention pool, it can be hard to figure out how to display your business. Start small, and as your presence grows, expand your trade show displays accordingly. With options from simple tabletop displays to fully customized Skyline WindScape inflatable displays, you’ll definitely find a combination that suits your business’s needs.