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Hidden Security Cameras

Hidden Cameras are installed in most public places such as department stores, shopping malls, multiplexes, railway stations, airports, casinos, banks, etc. As their name suggests, these cameras are kept in places concealed to the public and they surreptitiously record people’s movements. They are connected to monitors or TV screens. Any incriminating move immediately shows up on the screens, which are manned by security personnel.

Security Cameras are very small and compact in size. Some modern cameras are so small that they measure just a couple of inches across and only a few millimeters in thickness. Bigger versions are available, but they are not popular as it is difficult to conceal them. Miniature and sub-miniature versions of Security Cameras are mostly used.

Large establishments use several hidden Security Cameras in various strategic points and then connect all of them together by cables. These are then networked onto a single CCTV monitor. CCTV screens are closely monitored by security guards. The advantage of having a CCTV Hidden Security Camera is that multiple views can be obtained simultaneously on the same screen.

Several methods are adopted to camouflage Security Cameras. They may be affixed inside ceiling fans, table lamps, in frames of paintings, or some other such camouflaged place. Some appliances use extreme deceptive tactics to hide their cameras. There are toys, lamps, clocks and other appliances which actually may be highly disguised Security Cameras.

They can be either wired or wireless. Despite their small size, they have a built-in recorder that records and simultaneously broadcasts images over the screen. Usually these cameras are installed at specific vantage points on or near the ceilings. Plaster is used to attach the plastic body of the camera to the wall. Tiny camera mounts are also available, but bring the camera more into view.

Some countries, like Great Britain, are trying to bring the whole of their public life into the view of Hidden Cameras. There are about 25 million hidden Security Cameras being used worldwide and millions of dollars are being spent for their purchase and research.