How Interactive Whiteboards Continue to Revolutionize Education

July 29, 2019 3 mins to read

Writing on chalkboards is a tiring process for teachers and chalk dust a bad side effect. This brought about the use of whiteboards that are much better to use than the chalkboard for there is no chalk dust and handwriting using felt pens is more legible. Now we have interactive whiteboards, which have revolutionized the way teachers pass information to the student.

The use of interactive whiteboards allows the students to interact actively in lessons because they display information on a screen that the students can respond to by touching and input it into a computer. Teachers are also now able to prepare lessons in a higher quality way than they did before. It is now possible for them to prepare lessons beforehand and this therefore means that is not necessary for them to spend the whole lesson writing on the board. The boards make it possible for the teachers to record many pages of information for their lessons making it easy to move from one page to the next or to retrieve previous information when needed.

The use of these boards simplifies the teaching process for the teachers can also display information gotten from the internet on them. The boards also enhance the quality of pictures displayed and the good thing about this is that they are large enough for the whole class to view. Imagine how good it would be to view quality diagrams or pictures in subjects such as biology and you can see that the boards are definitely a revolution in education. The whiteboards also make it easy for the teachers to display graphs and charts. The other benefit to students is that they can also put their own work on display using the boards. This makes it interesting and enables them to interact with fellow students in ways that make learning fun.

The boards also work well with other forms of technology such as CDs, DVDs and television where the teacher can integrate images from these items onto the screen. This advantage makes it possible for students to learn in an interesting and personalized manner. The interactive whiteboards also carry the advantage that it is possible to save all images or text displayed on them in the computer and this is especially important for information that the teacher needs to repeat or revise later.

These boards also revolutionize education for the reason that they are a way of electronic learning when teachers bring information from websites, blogs, newsgroups and others into the classroom environment. The teachers can also use the boards with systems that allow the students to respond to questions individually and this can inform the teacher on how well each student understands information. The boards make information passed clearer for it is much simpler for students to learn from both hearing and seeing.

Interactive whiteboards are an effective communication tool for use in the classroom enabling teachers to take full advantage of school resources such as computers and projectors and motivate students to learn. Therefore, they continue to revolutionize education for the benefit of students and simplifying how teachers teach.