Interactive Trade Show Displays Appeal To All The Senses

July 29, 2019 3 mins to read

Creating trade show displays that are unique attention grabbers becomes more difficult as the years go by. More and more companies are using unusual or startling techniques to draw visitors into their booths. For trade shows, many companies invest a considerable amount of money every year in the latest trends. In recent years, interactive trade show displays have become more popular, and with good reason. Interactive exhibits catch visitors’ attention, then pull them along with interesting activities, demonstrations or opportunities to test a product in a “hands on” fashion. Because interactive displays appeal to both reason and the senses, they reinforce your message and help visitors retain the information more thoroughly and for longer periods of time.

Reasoning And The Senses

Demos can appeal to a potential customer’s rational nature by illustrating clearly how a product will change their life or make their life easier. Those same demos in booths for trade shows can also appeal to the senses by allowing attendees to touch a material, smell an inviting aroma or hear the difference between your item and a competitor’s. With every layer, trade show displays can underline the advantages of your product or service.

Interactive Display Techniques

The electronics revolution makes it easier every year to combine more traditional banner stands and booths for trade shows with interactive media. Individuals can take quizzes, scroll through catalogs or even observe how your product works using iPads located at stations within your booth. Or you can use computerized reveal screens that respond to an individual’s touch to start a short video clip.

Other innovative methods of interacting with visitors include walk-on floors that light up or display images as people walk over them. They can create a version of the yellow brick road, leading them to their destination. Tactile interaction is also very popular. By allowing guests to handle the materials used, a company can give them tangible proof that their material is superior, whether it is softer, thicker or stronger. The sense of smell can also evoke powerful responses. It’s why so many realtors have cookies baking in the oven when they do an open house!

Personalized Stories Make Selling More Effective

Some interactive trade show displays use personal stories to lead their visitors through their booths. A personal story can be told in parts, with each part tied to a specific area in your display. For instance, each brief segment can be read or listened to next to banner stands that point the way to the next ‘chapter’ in the story. Self-paced, personalized stories that are enhanced with sensory notes throughout your displays will immerse the attendee in an experience that will tie them closely to your product or service, turning them from visitors to customers.