Pop Up Stands – Effective Display Systems

July 29, 2019 3 mins to read

Pop up stands are simple yet effective graphic displays.  The ingenious design consists of a lightweight aluminium frame that is both sturdy and portable.  Once removed from its handy storage bag, the stand effortlessly springs into shape, ready to display a graphic banner.  Unlike some other banner graphics, these banners rest on a firm framework, creating a smooth finish for your artwork which won’t move or shift.

Pop up stands are sturdy enough to be used regularly and can be reused time and time again with reliable and consistent results.   The frame provides a secure and stable base for the banner graphic, and is free standing, so can be positioned anywhere.  These large scale, colourful displays lend themselves to use at exhibitions and conferences or can be used as dynamic advertising at public events.  Used in tandem with some basic furniture, they can form the backdrop to a complete promotional space for advertising, or distribution of information, providing a fast and effective way to create a high profile presence for your company in areas such as airports and shopping centres.

There are a variety of pop up stands to meet your needs.  Some versions use magnets to attach a banner graphic to the framework, so there are no clips to fiddle with or lose.   The graphics can be easily mounted and removed, and this method removes any risk of damage to areas of higher tension where a hook or other fastener supports the weight of the banner.

Fabric pop up stands present a unique opportunity for interactive displays.  Their frame is covered with a soft fabric which is ideal for using with Velcro.  This allows you to create constantly changing displays or presentations, and is perfectly suited for announcement boards, discussions, conferences and team exercises.  When not in use the pop up stand can host advertising or informational posters, or be compactly stored away until needed.

An innovation in portable displays, some pop up stands incorporate fabric graphic banners.  These banners are printed on super light and portable fabric, which folds down with the stand for a one step erection and break down process.  State of the art printing techniques and high quality materials ensure that your graphics are vivid and crisp, and the fabric is specially designed to resist wrinkles.  The canvas and frame fold up into bag and make a perfect solution for a sales person on the road alone.

Use pop up stands to show high resolution images of your products, outline the services you offer, or simply create a graphic to serve as a background for your presentations.  Don’t forget to invest in some purpose designed lighting to clip to the top of your display to ensure that your graphics are brilliant and easy to see regardless of placement or lighting conditions where it will be on display.

Pop up stands are easy enough for one person to assemble, carry and store, and provide a versatile and effective graphic display solution that can be transported from location to location with the minimum of fuss.