Posting a YouTube Video on a Facebook Wall

July 30, 2019 3 mins to read

Facebook has made it really easy and really cool to drop a YouTube video right on your own wall or someone else’s. Follow these steps to share video with your friends and family quickly and easily:

Posting to your own wall: There are two methods that work equally well. You can either click the Share button at YouTube and then select Facebook. You’ll want to make sure that you’re currently logged into your Facebook account. This way the video will be posted right to your wall instantly. By the time you get back to your Facebook profile, you’ll see your video is available.

The second method is to click on Share on YouTube and copy the link to the video. It will look something like;ldkjfljd Go to your News Feed or your profile page and you will see the What’s on your mind? box. If you are on your main page with the News Feed you will have to click inside the box in order for the options to appear. On your profile page the options are visible without clicking in the box. You’ll want to click on the Link icon, it’s the one that looks like you are using a push-pin to add a note to a bulletin board. Once you click on it a box will appear that let’s you type a web address in it. Paste the address you got from YouTube into this box and click on Attach.

Don’t worry, this will not post the video to your wall yet. What it will do is give you a thumbnail of what the video will look like on your wall and pull the title and description of the video from YouTube. Atop this are you will be able to post whatever comments you have for the video and it will show up above the video on your Wall.

A note on the Video icon: You might have noticed a little video icon underneath your update box. This is if you want to record a video with your webcam and add it to your wall. Also, you can upload a video and have it posted to your wall. This method is not how you want to add a YouTube video to your wall.

Posting to someone else’s wall: You can’t use the Facebook Share option at YouTube when posting a video to someone else’s wall. You’ll want to copy the steps above from the second method, but instead of your profile you’ll want to go to that person’s profile page and then click on the Wall tab at the top. Once there it’s the same interface as your own page. Click on the box that says Write something… and the option will appear to add a link.