Seamless Paper Projector Screens – Is This the Right Projection Screen Material For You?

August 23, 2019 3 mins to read

Seamless paper projector screens are commonly touted by do-it-yourself home theater enthusiasts. The seamless paper that I am talking about is the type used in photography for backdrops. This paper tends to have a high degree of reflectiveness which is why it is used in projector screens.

Is Relatively Cheap

The key advantage of seamless paper is obvious. It is cheap. You can buy several rolls of seamless paper at a much lower cost than you could ever buy a commercial projector screen. If you are trying to keep the cost as low as possible there really is not any material that you can buy as cheaply that will produce the same results.

Is Easy To Use

Another advantage of is that it is pretty easy to use. The paper comes rolled up so you will not have to wait for it to un-wrinkle itself like you may have to with blackout cloth or rubberized canvas. You can simply unroll it, stick it on the wall and immediately have a rudimentary projector screen.

Can Be Found Locally

The third advantage is that this type of seamless paper is readily available. It should be available at pretty much any photography supply store. You can certainly order it online, but if there is a local store you can just go and pick up some of the brightest seamless paper you can find.

Lacks Durability

As far as disadvantages go the durability is perhaps the biggest disadvantage of this material. If you get fingerprints on the paper, then that could be it. If you crease the paper at all then you may have to live with the crease. It can be a touchy material to deal with, and you will need to be very careful, unlike vinyl or canvas which are washable you cannot wash it.

Unpredictable Gain

The gain from paper can be unpredictable. There are various levels of whiteness available, but since the material is not always marketed as projector screen material usually the vendors will not provide a measure of the light gain available. You will probably end up having to tweak specific colors, and if your projector does not provide an adequate number of lumens the image could be very dissatisfying. It is difficult to know exactly what sort of picture you are going to get.

A seamless paper projector screen is not for everyone. If your goal is to keep the cost as low as possible and not worry about wrinkles then it may be right for you. Otherwise, there are more expensive materials out there that should yield better and longer lasting results.ted by do-it-yourself home theater enthusiasts.