Some Good and Bad Things About Projectors

July 30, 2019 2 mins to read

Well these days projectors are in high demand both for office and home use. In office they are used for detailed multimedia presentations or lectures and other stuff which you have to show to many people while at home projector can give you luxury and ease of watching a movie on big screen. But as like everything else projectors have some bad points and some good points that I will describe here.

Good points about projectors:

• First and prime advantage of projectors is of course viewing a large image. This can be a very enjoyable experience for a person who has watched a 21 or 25 inch TV for 20 or 25 years. Having a big screen almost equal to the wall can be really amazing and this is the thing which attracts most of the people to have a projector at their home.

• Projectors can be economical if you compare them to same sized LCDs. LCDs are really expensive and when you see at the size of image of projector then you are definitely find projector on the cheap side.

• Another advantage that projectors have is that they do not occupy any of your home space when they are not being used. The projectors which come with ceiling fitting are almost invisible to everyone.

• If you chose a projector other than ceiling fit projector you can install them quiet easily and with ease. Even in some cases you will not need an expert to install it and you will install it yourself.

Some drawbacks of projectors:

• The biggest disadvantage that projector possess is their operational environment. As most of the projectors require a dark environment to produce the best results and if you have installed it at home then it becomes difficult for you to maintain that environment.

• Another thing which can be counted in drawbacks is its maintenance. From maintenance I mean the replacement of projector lamps. One replacement of projector lamp can cost you more than £300.

• Another thing is that can be counted to extra expense are the speakers for projectors. You always require external speakers to connect to the projectors which can be sometimes costly if you want a high quality sound.

• Some projectors require extra installation of projection screens which are also very costly. Many of them work on a white wall but some of them require special projection screens.