Sony KDL40EX603 Review

July 29, 2019 3 mins to read

The Sony KDL40EX603 is a pleasure to review. This slim design has the flexibility to turn your home into more entertainment for your eyes. Along with visual pleasure, your ears and mind can enjoy the sound technology, multimedia, and eco-features which all provide the value you will experience with this one system.

This Sony KDL40EX603 model is driven by engine 3, produces a crisp clear full 1080p LCD HD screen. The live color, scene select, LED backlighting (mercury free) all contribute to delivering a sharp picture quality by adjusting the brightness and color temperature of your screen. The ambient sensor is also included here to detect and determine if your monitor is close to overheating.

The Sony KDL40EX603 unit includes a Freeview channel receiver and cinema mode option to display 24 frames per second. The Freeview service broadcasts free-to-air television, radio, and interactive services, and you will have the device to access and enjoy this benefit. Check in your area for this available service.

The digital quality sound system has our new S-Force front surround sound which enhances vocals and keeps the background noise in the back. When the action gets loud, you will be able to hear the enhanced vocals. If you are viewing a poor voice quality production, you can activate Clear Voice on the Sony KDL40EX603 which boosts the voice frequency bands further. Not enough sound? There is a Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 Channel Audio Out ready to add additional speakers to your theater room. Too much sound? For private enjoyment, plug in your listening device into your ready headphone jack.

This entertainment system has various multimedia compatibility allowing you to use your theater system to play your favorite music collection or view your photos or videos, just by connecting your Sony KDL40EX603 device through a USB-(Universal Serial Bus), HDMI- (High- Definition Multimedia Interface), DNLA (Digital Living Network) or Scart port (21-Pin Connection). Now you can enhance your viewing enjoyment on your big LCD flat panel entertainment screen.

If your media is online, this Sony KDL40EX603 is Wi-Fi ready. Internet Video Link gives you access to Sony Web TV. With access to the internet you can keep in touch with your social network or you do not want to miss out on what you can choose to watch on Sony Bravia Internet direct video or on-demand show selection. Personalize your Sony Bravia widgets so that you are updated on the current weather of your area of ​​choice or briefed on how your stocks are performing.

Our Bravia line is packed with eco-friendly thinking from the manufacturing process, packaging the product, to maximizing the performance. So, do not forget about the Eco-Features provided on the Sony KDL40EX603 so that you are able adjust the power settings to help reduce energy your personal costs to your preference. The Presence Sensor lets you to forget about it and walk away automatically turning the picture off while leaving the sound on. If you would like to save 100% of the energy while the TV is off, just turn on the Energy Saving Switch which is equivalent to unplugging the unit.

The Sony KDL40EX603 can fill any room with quality entertainment and shared memories to value a lifetime. Do review the Sony KDL40EX603 if you're in the market t buy a new TV.