Standalone IP NVR Linux

July 30, 2019 3 mins to read

Standalone Video Recorder

Standalone IP NVR Linux is a video recorder used for surveillance and other technologies. This technology uses IP cameras to record digitally, monitor and playback. It is manufactured the QNAP security professionals. The system comprises of up to eight IP cameras and 4 hard disks. Installing the gadget for surveillance is easy. It has been made in a very compelling way to enhance easy plug in; and therefore does not require any specialized or digital skill. The recorder also allows simultaneous recording of events.

Features of NVR Linux

The 5.0 Mega pixel Hi-Def IP cameras are dual stream and have a capturing rate of 30fps. They can be adjusted to reach a maximum of 16M and shoot at a distance of 2560×1920. Box IP cameras with a GV-NVR System Lite have a hard drive of 500 GB a POE plug in. Their system is ultra thin and has an NVR GeoVision included. The GeoVision Infrared IP cameras are water proof, have dual streams, allow on board recording, have 16 LED lights and an internal lens with a diameter of 3.6-9 mm.

Standalone Properties

Standalone IP NVR Linux recorders are easy and fast to install, stable, free from attacks and viral crashes caused due to the Linux embed and they have an open platform. They are designed for use in homes and medium sized businesses. The open platforms allow the recorder to support more cameras. In case of failure of the hard disk, the digital recorder continues to carry out its functions.

Advantages of Standalone Recorder

This monitoring device is very simple to install and it does not need special software to assist with the installation. After assembling the hardware, disks are inserted so that the recording is connected to the internet. Inter linking the recordings to the browser are because of the special web-based appliance. The user can then log in on the net and can locate the recording process on a particular application. It is very economical more so because it’s known to save on the time, money and energy. Standalone IP NVR Linux ensures that all data is safe and can never be lost. Its virus and crash free so you never have to worry about loosing any of the recorded data. The whole system is stable and reliable and users will have faith in it-they don’t have to keep watch of its functions.

What Makes the Best NVR?

Recording is of very high quality and thanks to its D1, finding the target becomes an easy task. Camera images can be viewed on the computer screen. The images can be compared on different cameras later on. Tracing of targets therefore becomes much easier-although it may take a longer time to do this. This is because what one camera captures may have been missed by the other. To enhance quality tracking, one has to have other tools alongside the Standalone IP NVR Linux recorder. These tools will efficient detection of missing objects, camera occlusion, detection of motions, lose focus and detection of foreign objects within the recordings. Approximated price for one of these is 2,599.95 dollars.