The Advantages and Disadvantages of LCD Projector Hire

July 30, 2019 3 mins to read

A projector is a vital piece of electronic equipment which is required for all types of presentations, conferences, seminars etc. It is “part-and-parcel” for business management. Projectors can be categorised into two technologies:

1) DLP – Digital Light Processing

2) LCD – Liquid Crystal Display

The two different types refer to the internal systems that the projector uses to compose an image. The LCD systems have improved drastically over the couple of years while the DLP models are more competitively priced. LCD and DLP still have unique advantages when compared with each other. However, both technologies are good in quality, offering clear and vibrant images, and it is up to every individual to decide which technology is best based on specific requirements such as brightness, resolution, contrast and connectivity.

The LCD Projector Hire is common amongst the corporate sector for all their business meetings, seminars, workshops etc. The projector is used by many manufacturers such as Epson, Hitachi, Sanyo and Sony.

The LCD contains three separate glass panels – one for red, green and blue components of the image that is being transferred to the projector. As the light passes through the panels, individual pixels can be opened to allow light to pass or closed to block the light. This action modulates the light and produces the image that is projected onto the screen. Thus is it known as 3LCD.

A few Advantages on LCD Projector Hire:

  • LCD is generally more ‘light efficient’ than the DLP. For example, if you use a lamp of the same wattage in both an LCD and DLP, the LCD will produce a brighter image.
  • With 3LCD projectors you will get a beautiful colour in clear, defined images – even in a bright room. You will also have more than double the brightness in colour luminance, compared to non-3LCD projectors. This projector is also capable of projecting bright, vivid images with a low output lamp.
  • Considering the above mentioned system in the LCD projector, and when compared with DLP, many people would prefer the LCD for the exclusive brightness feature.
  • LCD produces a sharper image (more precisely focussed).

The Disadvantage on LCD Projector Hire:

  • It has a chicken wire effect causing the image to look as though it is heavy with pixels. However, with the recent technology development of 3LCD, this disadvantage is hardly noticed.
  • It is bulky due to the many internal components it carries, making it slightly inconvenient for transport.
  • ‘Dead Pixels’ – they can become permanently on or permanently off. This is barely noticeable with one dead pixel. However, if the projector develops a great number of dead pixels, this can be a hindrance to the projector.
  • LCD can fail fast and replacements are very expensive. DLP chips can also fail, but since this system has fewer parts, failure in a DLP projector is relatively rare.


LCD Projector Hire is seen as more popular as the colour reproduction is critical and this machine has it as its best. The DLP projectors are also working towards obtaining better colour accuracy, so that they too could provide their services to the corporate sector.