The Disadvantages of Digital Signage

July 30, 2019 2 mins to read

As with any new technology, the buzz surrounding digital signage can often mislead people into believing that it is simple and straight forward method of advertising, generating awareness and general marketing.

There are of course plenty of advantages in using LCD screens for out of home. It’s vibrant, dynamic, flexible and far more eye-catching and engaging than standard print media. However, whilst many people in the Digital Signage industry (DS) will explain how beneficial it can be and how digital screens can increase brand awareness, few will explain some of the disadvantages of it.

However, there are some disadvantages to using LCD or plasma screens for out of home use:

Difficult to establish a return on investment.

One of the main disadvantages of digital signage compared to regular media is that there is often a high initial outlay. In setting up a DS campaign not only do the screens have to be purchased but also content creation software and media playing devices not too mention having to pay someone to create and manage the campaign if you feel unable to do so yourself.

The technology requires some experience

Creating content and networking a set of screens does take some technical know how and while it is possible to do almost every aspect of digital signage implementation yourself, some background in technology or computing is required otherwise it would be far easier to employ somebody to take care of these aspects for you.

Digital signage requires protection

Unlike the TV that sits in the relatively safety of your front room, a signage screen can be in a far more precarious position. Not only are they in a public area and are susceptible to knocks and impacts (both accidental and deliberate) and in the case of outdoor digital signage they need to be protected against the weather too.

Outdoor TVs can be used as outdoor digital billboards but they still need protecting from impacts and the costs of these waterproof TVs are extremely high.

However, it is not all bad news. Protection for outdoor screens is available quite cheaply in the form of an outdoor LCD enclosure.

As LCD enclosures are fully waterproof and manufactured and can house almost any standard LCD or plasma screen they are ideal for use in digital signage – both indoors and out.