Using Security Cameras for Both Indoor and Outdoor Security

April 4, 2023 3 mins to read

A popular saying tells us that a price cannot be placed on security. Fortunately, we do not need to worry about high-priced security systems because self-monitoring systems are available. These feature security cameras for indoor and outdoor surveillance, video streaming or recording, microphones, intercoms, and remote access. Systems like these incorporate the latest technology and are easy to install, making any location more secure.

Features of Security Cameras

There are many kinds of surveillance cameras and while some are designed for indoor use, others can be installed in either indoor or outdoor environments. Internet Protocol (IP) cameras operate over WAN or LAN networks, sending and receiving data via the Internet. Video is streamed to a monitor for immediate viewing or recorded on a server. Both wired and wireless versions are available, providing convenient solutions for any need.

IP cameras may be accessed remotely via terminal services, a virtual private network, or the Internet. One and two-way microphones or intercoms are available, allowing the owner to communicate with visitors. Camera panning and tilting creates different vantage points so the operator can see a vast area surrounding the home or building. Motion sensors detect movement, activating the camera to identify what caused the disturbance. Email notification provides digital communication to an owner who is away from home.

Critical Reasons to Use Security Cameras

While many people recognize the importance of property security, others wonder why they should spend money on a surveillance system. The primary reason is to deter anyone from breaking into the property. For a business, these cameras also deter customers, vendors, and employees from lying, stealing, and breaking the law. When people know that they are being recorded, they usually exhibit their best behavior.

If an incident does occur, a date and time-stamped surveillance recording may serve as evidence in court. Businesses and gated communities use surveillance cameras to capture images of cars and their license plates as these vehicles travel into and out of the property. Increasingly, business owners are using these videos as protection against liability, proving that they follow appropriate procedures and take precautions. A video illustrating responsible business practices can expedite a property damage claim.

Other Important Purposes of Security Cameras

If an issue arises, having a recorded video available for playback can help resolve it. If a package is delivered but never received by the designated recipient, the video will reveal who took it. When a customer make claims regarding poor service, the video can be replayed to identify exactly what took place during the encounter. Many businesses have managed to save face in this manner, making the system a helpful ally.

Peace of mind provided by the ability to view the property from offsite is invaluable. Many business owners wake up in the middle of the night worrying that something has gone wrong at work. A quick check of the system reveals that all is well. When the camera captures nothing suspicious, these entrepreneurs can tuck themselves back in bed and rest soundly.