Virtual Response System – The Trendiest Technology for Modern Classrooms

July 30, 2019 3 mins to read

Remember those game shows where audience used to feed in their answers in response to the questions raised by the anchor of the show with the help of hand held mobile like device? At present, the same technology is getting used in our education system. Today, each student begins his / her learning experience in the same way with their hands wrapped around tiny hand held learning devices to answer the questions put up by teachers.

Gone are the days when teacher used to conduct a quiz on paper sheets and used to take a couple of days to check the bundle of paper sheet and give the scores back to students. Now; these tiny hand held devices; which are also known as interactive response systems or clickers provides instant feedbacks, saves lots of time and raise the level of attentiveness among students.

Besides this, intelligent designed audience response systems of today carry many unique advantages over time consuming paper evaluation methods.

Promotes Two-Way Communication
Interactive response systems are immensely beneficial in a teaching environment where it becomes difficult for a teacher to interact and communicate with large number of students present in a single class. An effective two-way communication is carried out with the help of one main teacher handset, set of student handsets, one handset receiver (which uses superior radio frequency technology) and response system software. These handsets promote group discussion and active participation in classroom teaching, debts and quizzes.

Display Prompt Results
Smart hand held learning devices of today have eradicated the cumbersome and time consuming paper evaluation, result tallying and answer checking methods. Instant poll followed by instant results can be displayed on a touch screen or interactive whiteboards with the help of these clickers.

Create Assessment Instantly
Hand held learning devices are extremely helpful for teachers to spontaneously prepare quizzes, exams sheets, and assessments or to add questions to the teaching material. Moreover, teachers can instantly create their own test material that can be immediately integrated into any teaching lesson or assessment activity.

Virtual G pad is one such innovative virtual interactive response system software that allows students to be actively involved in real time classroom sessions without the need of handsets or clickers.

They can relay their levels of understanding and share their opinions via the use of laptop, mobile computer or mobile phones. Not only this, virtual G pad allows the handset to be replaced with an interactive graphic displayed on the screen of any PC, laptop or mobile phone. Certainly, there is no need for hardware such as a handset and receiver to use this application, just a computer with internet connection is required to respond to questions asked without being physically present during lessons or lectures.