What Is The Human Condition In 2020?

March 17, 2023 3 mins to read

There are a number of factors to consider when trying to understand the human condition in today’s world. These includes advances in technology and mankind’s effect on the environment. There are other factors to consider, however this article will focus on these two factors.

Advances In Technology

Advancing technology is changing the human condition. It is not just the advancing of technology but the pace at which it is changing. All through human history advances in science and technology has been transforming how we live. Today the rate at it which it is changing is staggering. Consider the advent of the computer and the internet. These technologies have transformed how we do business and communicate with each other. It seems everybody has a smart phone these days. These devices are phones that are packaged with electronics that what would be considered to be a super computer when man first set foot on the moon and launched the first space shuttle. These phones are equipped high-resolution cameras and can easily record any event and spread it all over the internet using numerous social media platforms, literally at the speed of light. All human events are now being covered by potentially 3.5 billion smart phones as of 2020 and number is growing everyday.

These advances in computer technology also mean there are cameras located everywhere that monitor all of our movement. These videos are recorded and stored on hundred’s of thousands of web severs throughout the world.

Video surveillance in the workplace is everywhere and has become accepted as the norm by most employees. Can you say big brother. Do employers have the right to monitor their employees using video cameras? Unfortunately the use of video cameras in the work place is quite common in places such as Canada.

Mankind’s Affect On The Environment

It seems every time you watch the news there is talk of how mankind is affecting the climate in a negative way. There always talk of the climate change and how the related overall warming of the planet will increase the number of extreme weather events. This means more hurricanes, flooding and wild fires that are completely out of control. Just ask the people who live in Western Canada, California and South East Asia.

Of course mankind’s effect on the environment is not just limited the land. The effects on the environment can be seen in rivers, lakes and oceans. These bodies of water are being choked with plastic and various toxic chemicals.

One source stated that in 2015 eight million tons of plastic waste are dumped in the oceans each year and the overall effect of this will mean there will be a tenfold increase in amount plastic waste by 2020.

This not only affects the helpless creatures that live in these environments but also the people living in the vicinity.

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